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Kingdom School

About us

Kingdom School established in 1995, Under the aegis of Bethel Educational and Charitable Trust, Piravom since 2008

Kingdom School, Piravom,(KS) has been in the fore front of providing value enriched education by molding young minds to excellence since sixteen years. The school is situated as a prominent land mark in the heart of Piravom. The school was founded in the year 1995 by Mr M.U Varkey. The motto of Kingdom School is”Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, He will not depart from it”. With this motto the institution aims at the overall development of children while imparting outstanding academic growth to them. The institution is under the Bethel Education and charitable Trust with registration number 111/ 2008 . The institution is run by members of religious minority.

The Institution that began as a day care centre expanded gradually over the years with the support of parents and the community, after seeing the exceptional development of aptitude in their children who attended the Kingdom school. The medium of instruction is English. At present Kingdom School has enrolment of children in Day care services to classes up to 5th Standard.The Dedicated and Dynamic Management of Mr. M.V Devu (Chairman) and Mrs Reena Devu (Principal) has put the institution in the forefront of imparting academic excellence over the years. Kingdom School possesses a collection of exceptional faculty presence, who with their qualification, experience and passion towards education and overall development of children helps the school in maintaining the edge towards excellence in a homely atmosphere. Our school proudly announces the launch DIGI CLASS(lesson for life) for the studants

Facilities available:

The Kingdom School stands in 24000 square feet of land. The school Building comprises of spacious, student friendly class rooms with of 400 square feet dimensions. This gives sufficient personal space for children. The school has library facility, Swimming pool, Play ground, garden with Playing facility, enough number of Toilets, exits and safety measures. The school has transportation facility to transport children from home to school and back.

Kingdom School Staff/Instruction:

Kingdom School receives the services of well qualified, value based, child growth oriented and talented teaching staff that meet all the requirements laid by the state education board in its concern. Teaching personnel fill a variety of needs beyond the traditional self-contained classroom. Each class is assigned to a particular class teacher, who will look after the needs of a particular class. The Student teacher ratio is maintained, 1 teacher for 25 students. Teachers are specialized in supporting children in all grades who are experiencing difficulty with reading and learning , one school psychologist, one Part time speech and language pathologist and guidance counselor who provides student support services such as classroom instruction as well as small group and individual counseling.

An unique approach towards education- inclusive education:

Kingdom School has an inclusive education approach towards education that is not seen in any other schools in Kerala. Children with learning disabilities are incorporated along with children in the main stream. This approach is adopted by incorporating the Syllabus developed by ALDI, (Association for Learning Disabilities India), a non-governmental organization working to help the students with learning problems and their parents, teachers has helped to raise the standards of students drastically. The specialty of this curriculum is that it helps the children to learn from life experiences. It helps the children to overcome stress and strain of the academic struggle that the child faces.

This approach is adopted because of the vision of “No child should be denied the equality in opportunity that education entices because of factors far beyond their control”. Our constitution provides for equality in all areas to all law abiding citizens. Opportunities through education are the birthright of every individual. Just as there are ramps built at strategic locations for the benefit of the physically handicapped, so are also the needs for invisible ramps of support to be provided for the children with learning disability to overcome their invisible handicap by availing equality in opportunity and possibilities to excel. In this approach a ratio of 10:2 is adopted, where 2 children with learning disability is integrated with 10 children in the normal stream.

Each child has the right to be taught in the way he/she can learn. The school is where he/she should be integrated into and made a part of society. There are many children who are underachievers due to several disabilities. They can also achieve on par with their more privileged friends if taught in the way they can learn in the school situation itself. The purpose of inclusive education is thus to include and integrate the underachievers so that they attain what they could and should and earn their rightful place in the society at large. The children here are given help with choosing the right mode of exams and further in the preparation of it. Here ALDI helps teachers and school authorities to integrate everyone through consultation, training, technical and social support and empowering the parents. This view is endorsed by various eminent psychologists and educators, and is also proven by the experiences in Kingdom school and schools adopted by ALDI.

The World health Organization too has given a special mention of ALDI approach was in the World Health Organization Report, 2006(Working together for health Report). The 16 page mention titled ‘Parents as change agents for children with learning disabilities - the ALDI Kerala experience’ brought ALDI international acclaim and its interventional strategies came to the limelight.

About Learning Disability

Learning disability refers to a various group of disorders noticed by considerable difficulties in the attainment of age related learning abilities like the General understanding of subjects, reading, writing, reasoning, use of listening, speaking, or mathematical abilities.

The following aspects highlights the major dimensions of Learning Disabilities.

  • Problems are seen in the areas of reading, spelling, writing, listening and mathematics.
  • Learning disability depicts a special kind of mind, often gifted and productive, but which learns differently.
  • Learning disability is not because of lower intelligence.
  • The problem is not behavioral, psychological, motivational or social.
  • It results from differences in the structure and function of the brain.
  • It is not a disease, therefore it has no cure.
  • People with learning disabilities are exceptional, each individual having different potential.

To Know More about ALDI, Kindly Visit the

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Visual reading
  • Sensitorial learning
  • Nature walks
  • Theatre
  • Brain exercise
  • Life skills training
  • Social skills training
  • Thematic stories and rhymes
  • Communication skills enhancement
  • Presentation skill development
  • Creativity and original thinking
  • Assessment and remediation for scholastic backwardness and associated issues.
  • Intensive training to develop readiness skills.

Kingdom School provides special help for children with scholastic difficulties. In this direction the school also provides assessment of learning difficulties.

  1. Tests of General Intelligence
  2. Reading skills, writing, spelling, maths, language and comprehension
  3. Basic skills, attention
  4. Identification of learning styles, multiple intelligence.


  1. Study skills
  2. Time management
  3. Goal setting
  4. Life skills training
  5. Memory enhancement techniques
  6. Brain stimulation exercises
  7. Learning strategies
  8. Readiness skills
  9. Study habits
  10. Communication skills
  11. Spelling & comprehension
  12. Arithmetic skills

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to provide an exciting learning environment that foster positive self-esteem and focuses on the development of the whole child socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. The curriculum has been designed with an age appropriate theme based learning environment. The main aims are, to strengthen self-confidence, to develop a happy and positive learning attitude, to form good habits of health and safety, to inspire creativity and individuality by learning through play, to develop natural curiosity by exploring and discovering through structured play.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to equip your child for the challenges ahead. Supporting each child during this time in her life helps to instill a sense of confidence and accomplishment while basking in his/ her daily successes. We strive to create an atmosphere where all children and adults feel safe, valued and included. We believe that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults can provide the basis for a lifelong love of learning. We aim to create an environment that develops and encourages confidence, creative thinking, and independence, intellectual risk taking, resourcefulness and social and emotional adaptability.


Admissions have started for Play school 5th standard.


As a subject in prep I. a week day is allocated for conducting walks / visits outside the school. Through this children learn through their fine senses many things found in text books and things found in their surroundings. This Activity forms rich sources of learning while being carried out during such walks. In prep I children have 32 walks year and in prep II they have three. After each trip teachers and students have new learning and findings.

A well stocked library consisting of read it out books for beginners and early reading books are lent out twice a week. Ample play area indoors and outdoors, thabovan the class in the outside which is the discreet spot where children go for their discoveries; it houses a wide species of birds and has a little spring in the middle


Association For Learning Disabilities India, a nongovernmental organization to help the student community with their learning problems and their parents , teachers, professionals, involved and social workers. It started in 1992 with its headquarters at Nellankara, Trissur. ALDI created a system called ARMS (ALDI Remedial and Rehabilitation Measures) to help children cope up with several learning problems that affect life. ALDI has conducted several scientific studies in this area. To Know More about ALDI, Kindly Visit the website: Over the year,ALDI has been conducting several seminars and workshops in association with IAP(Indian Association Of Peadiatrics),youth organization,IMA,SOS villages, Trichur Medical College etc. For more reference follow this link

  • The total education program conducted at Thrissur district aimed at bringing back all the dropouts back to school.
  • The three year survey cum project at kamakshi panchayath in idukki district.
  • Three year project at vivattom panchayath to assess and remedy children who are scholastically backward.
  • 2 year project in ponnani for 20,000 children to assess and prepare classroom strategies are a few to name.

Over the year, ALDI has been conducting several seminars and workshops in association with IAP (Indian Association Of Pediatrics), youth organization, IMA, SOS villages, Trichur Medical College etc. Recognized by WHO, it benefited a 16 page mention in the WHO journal highlighting the Association‘s extensive and in exhaustive campaign in the areas of child development. ALDI believes in the power of community. ALDI promotes parent support group at community level. There are more than 100 such support groups all over Kerala. School adoption programme (SAP), Justice Forum etc are some of the tools we use for community intervention and empowerment. ALDI had the privilege to train the master trainers of SSA (Sarva Siksha Abhiyan) and IEDC (Integrated Education for disabled children) for years. ALDI was instrumental in preparing of Adaptive Training Manual for IEDC, a powerful project undertaken by the government of Kerala for integrating children. It is an ongoing association for formulating classroom strategies to integrate children in normal classrooms especially in government school. Under the aldian foundation Kingdom School has taken wings.

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